New Album, Voices of the Air, out now.

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Lais Pereira

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Live Dates


03.14 - Worm, Rotterdam, Netherlands

03.22 - Le Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland

03.24 - L'aureale Bethencourt, Tinques, France

03.26 - Le Vent Se Leve, Paris, France


03.06 - La FINE, Rome, Italy

03.04 - LAS , Poznan, Poland

03.03 - Pracht, Leipzig, Germany

03.02 - Weltecho, Chemnitz, Germany

03.01 - Studio Alta, Prague, Czech Republic

02.28 - Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin, Germany

02.27 - WORM Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

02.26 - De Ruimte, Amsterdam, Netherlands

02.25 - L'Aureole, Bethencourt, France

02.24 - Sonic, Lyon, France

02.22 - Galeria ZĂ© dos Bois, Lisbon, Portugal


12.17 - Zebulon, Los Angeles, California

09.14 - H0l0, Ridgewood, Queens

09.09 - Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, Quebec

09.08 - Good Room, Brooklyn, New York


"Voices of the Air feels like a very contemporary and sincere attempt to create an immersive and hallucinatory soundtrack rooted in the here and excellent and inspired album." -Brainwashed "...refracts and then reorders...creating more of a mirage than a mere collage...mesmerizing details..." -Pitchfork "This is the warmest and lushest music of Porras’ career." -Quietus "Snappy and bright notes shine out from the record at once, instantly rewarding the listener." -Fluid Radio



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